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Every Sunday Morning

10 : 00 ~ 12 : 00

What’s Toastmasters Club?

Toastmasters International(TI)

is a USA headquartered non-profit educational organization that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve ourcommunication,public speaking, andleadershipskills.

Through its thousands of member clubs, Toastmasters International offers a program of communication and leadership projects designed to help you to learnthe arts of speaking, listening, and thinking.

Your Toastmasters’ journey starts with a single speech!During your journey, by regularly giving speeches, you learn to tell their stories. Then you gain feedback, lead teams and guide others to achieve their goals in a supportive atomosphere. Leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program.

Meeting Agenda

Toastmaster : Jacqueline Chen

Toastmaster : Jacqueline Chen


Meeting Theme: Money

Brief Intro:


“Money is the root of all evil.”

“With money, I can do anything I like, even have the devil turn millstones.”

“Money is not everything. But without money, I can do nothing.”

“Money brings me happiness.”

“I’m lonely, because I have too much money.”

“I’m lonely, because I have no money.”


It’s a word that brings up a lot of different things for different people. And, everyone who has any kind of relationship with money, it’s showing up in their lives.

Your thoughts about money become your beliefs and attitudes about it… and then become your experiences with it.

So what’s is your thoughts about money?

2 Prepared speakers:

Speaker: Johanna Chen

Project: AC ( Special Speeches – Uplift the Spirit )

Title: A short tale about Money

Speaker: Johanna Chen

Last contest I was asked for a table topic question: What would you do if you lost all your money?

Let’s explore the possibilities and other interesting things about me and money.

Speaker: Claudia Fu

Project: AC ( Interpersonal Communication – Diffusing Verbal Vriticism)


Speaker: Claudia Fu

Angry statement and accusations generally indicate the beginning of an arguement. Arguements are inevitable but conflicts can actually be healthy. People who are capable of expressing their   differences without becoming hostile are less likely to suffer from emotional and physical stress and have a much better chance of resloving problems to satisfaction of both parties.  By using some simple communication techniques you actually can turn the criticism into a positive discussion.

Let’s see how Claudia’s speech address that common situation.

What’s more?

Welcome to Table Topic Section, will be hosted by Bonnie Bao!

It’s a good chance to practice your impromptu speech skills and have fun!

Bonnie Bao

☀Look forward to seeing you there!☀

Meeting time and Venue

Woo Space (Sanyuanqiao) 900m away from subway Line 10 Sanyuanqiao, Chaoyang district.

北京市 朝阳区 无界空间 (三元桥店) 北三环东路辅路

北京市 朝阳区 无界空间(三元桥店)北三环东路辅路

10 minutes on foot from the subway. When you see the Woo Space’s AD.

Please, open the gate between Suning and PizzaHut

walk into the end of the passageway, then up to the second floor

We will welcome you!


推开位于 苏宁易购 和 必胜客宅急送中间的大门,走到走廊尽头

通过楼梯 或者 电梯上二层

BJADV 在这里等你!

►Meeting Fee◄

For renting the venue, each guest please pay 10 RMB.

If you are interested in. Please connect with Our VPM

(Vice President Membership)

Claire Liu : 186-1115-9163

(Please note us that you want to join BJadv TMC)


Come early and try to talk withdifferent people. it’s a very good chance to build up yoursmall talkskills!

Let’s seek the most chancescommunicating with people, in the meeting room let our smartphonehave a rest and be silent!