After I complete the book《Everyone Communicates》, I remember that last month, I heard one of my friends which is Eddie’s speech, how to love an introvert, then I got the answer of why fallingin love with an introvert is very lucky and warm. To continue that topic, so Iprepared this piece of article, an introvert can be an excellent communicator. Behold, myfellows, my name is Sunday, a typical introvert.


Now I have a question for you. Do you think someone talks morein a communication, or speaks all the time can be considered as a goodcommunicator? Obviously, it’s not true. Because even thought I speak too much,seems like I am good at talking. But that only means I can be an energetictalker, especially when I speak all the time, my partner must feel boring andtired. Now I want to share my opinion why an introvert can be an excellentcommunicator.

Firstly, every introvert is a good listener. Even an introvertseems a little shy, a little quiet, a little reserved, but those are ourpersonalities. If we could not change it, just live with it.

We’d prefer to listen, especially when people are talking aboutsomething very interesting. So when we communicate with others, we can try tobe a Question-Master, deliver some questions, or we can also prepared few more topicsbefore the communication. When we start communicating, it’s time to show ourtalent, deliver the questions, and then be an honest listener.

I have a friend who’s name is Ritin, we met in Wall StreetEnglish, after the communication, she told me that she really enjoyed talkingwith me, because she felt I was focusing on her with all of my attention. Andyes, I absolutely did that, because she is a beautiful girl, why not? However,that is not what I really want to say. Actually, during that communication Ididn’t say too much, but listened more. So if you let your partners feel youare interested in them, and really enjoy the communication, all of you can feelfabulous.

Secondly, I want to tell you why most of introverts seemexhausted in a communication. Because our introverts are good at communicatingone-to-one, so our target partner is important.

One of the difference between extrovert and introvert isextrovert enjoy all of the talk, but we don’t. Because the extroverts attainenergy from all of the talk, but introverts enjoy more from a briefcommunication, or deep communication with one partner. When we face to a groupof people, or get interruption in the communication, we feel overwhelmingnervous and embarrassed. Communication for us is an art, and one-to-one communicationcan let us feel comfortable and enjoyable.

Thirdly, every introvert can be a giver. So what can we give toour partners? We can give our body language and attention. When we payattention to them, they can feel directly, and get confidence from us. Then howcan we give our body language? We can use our eye-contact to look at ourpartner. Use our hands to give our partner applause. Use our Head to nod orshake to show our agreement. Then each of us will enjoy that communication.

Finally, I want to mention Hubert. He is a good example. Hubertis not only a fantastic communicator, an international coach, but also is an introvert. When he stands in the stage, faces to a front of people, and delivers his speech. He gives audiences all of his energy and looks at all the audiences, then attracts attention back. So my fellows, when you talk with partner, please remember to be a giver, to be a listener, to make a deep communication. No matter you are an introvert or anextrovert, all of you can definitely be an excellent communicator.