This is the second chapter of this book which is 《Connecting is all about others》. That is very clearly, and the useful way to communicate with other people is to connect to them all.

The Mind Map for Chapter Two

Focus on the others is an useful suggestion, and every body can do it well. If I were you, I try to listern more than speak. If I were you, I try to say “you” more than “I”. Especially to think about: Who they are, and what thet want.

Mostly a coversation is started from questions, “How are you?”, “How was your vocation?”, “How is it going?”, “What is your name?”. We usually ask questions about the feeling, background, family, hobbies, or works. But sometimes our partner is not interested in that, now I want to tell you do not worry about that. That is a good way, and that is not our mistake, but our partner.

There is no I in Team. But there is an M and an E, and that spells ME!

How do you feel that sentence? When we say more “ME” in a sentence or communicate with other, we focus on ourselves, right? Whoever did something like that, who must self-absorbed. So please focus our partner more than ourselves. If you don’t want to be a conqueror with failure in a communication, you would better get out from ourselves. Find the values in our audiences. When we find what they need, what they interested are, what they feeling is. Boom! A successful communicationg is made from that.

Connecting is never about me, but about the person with whom I am communicating.

I know, we all want to be a shinning star or a super hero, and we love those kinds of movies which is made in America. But when we have that attitude about ourselves, especially when we are communicating with others, we are selfish!

If we want to have an effective communication, we’d better let our audiences / partners know they are important, we care them so much.

Maturity does not always come with age, sometimes age comes along.

Be a connector is quite useful, also can be the key to open the barrier door between we and others. We try our best to understand their thoughts, to know their believes and feelings, to be more friendly and help them in any possible way.

If you will first help people get what they want, they will help you get what you want.

There are three key words can help us learn to be a good connector.

1. Care.

2. Help.

3. Trust.

We are not in the coffee business, serving people. We are in the people business, serving coffee.

When we are cared from others, we feel comfortable. So why not try to care our audience, partners and customers. What if we care them, we find their requirements. What if we find their requirements, we connect with them. What if we connect with them, we have an effictive communication.

Nobody wants to be sold, but everyone wants to be helped.

No matter in business with customers or at home with family members. Try our best to help them can also build up a great relationship. Nobody hates be helped, but do not receive that help. So if we want to help the others, we’d better to choose a suitable way. But how? How can we help others in a suitable way? I will write them down in the future.

Finally, a useful suggestion to connect with other which is to think, “if i were you.”

Now the Reading-Notes of chapter 2 is going to be finished.

Connecting one on one: Make them feel valued by being a good listener.

Connecting in a group: Invite participation. Let them are involved in the communication or in the group.

Connecting with an audience: Show our audience members that they are important to us by doing the following.